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Oh my Warrior………..

Ar’Cartel, An’ar of Eilistraee, sung this song as she lie dreaming, fighting off her demise, as her life was cast before her mind’s eye yet again. You will find it below in three languages she speaks Common(English), Reddish(Gaelic) and of … Continue reading

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An apropos song

Udos ph’l’edonil lu’udos ph’l’d’issan. Udos ph’l’venorsh vel’drav jal dkinoss zhah alus. Udos ph’l’ze’zhuanth ussen, udos chathen. H’uena dos orn’la ortelanth ulu udossa, lar udossa a kaas. Udosst zhah l’yorn lu’udosst zhah l’xal. Udosst ph’l’veldrin nindel mechrola l’ssussun Onhir udossa dhynen, … Continue reading

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Al’doer. Xal l’Wenress mrigg dos ghil wun gre’as’anto. (Welcome. May the Maiden guide you here in peace.)

I hope you all find this and understand what this will be. A two pronged approach to a problem. First a place under one Category where I can rant on Day to day things. Another category for all Role Play … Continue reading

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