The Curse, The Test, The Past and the Present 6

In Arvandor Lady Paladin Elle Kenders was wroth, to say the least. The summons from her patron diety had been quite true yet was something she knew would come, “Be my representative at the coming trial, say and vote as you see fit. Guard the Ro Daariv and her servants as you always have.”

Yet the timing, this she knew to be contrived or at least misdone. The Lord of the Northwind was known to be most preemptive in all the years she and her family had served him.

She felt machinations behind this and it made her angry. A game was being played and she had to find out who and what was involved and quickly.

She walked on her mind working through the possibilities as her tail flicked from side to side showing her consternation as she walked. All manner of elves and others stepped from her path as she was too deep in thought to bother watching.

It was as she made to go to the apartments where they kept her charge she saw her and the young acolyte, Helyanwë, leaving.

She watched them go and did not approach as something made her stay he place. She watched for a moment and then saw to her great surprise her charge heading back into the apartments from the opposite direction.

The great snort of anger escaped her nostrils and faint wisp of smoke rose from the delicate human looking features.

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She strode quickly her long legs giving her stride an even faster gait. Others moved from her path as they could feel her ire. Yet even as she reached the low living walls and the gate a loud crashing came to her ears. She reached for the gate even as Alissa’s body smacked against it. She snarled and yanked the gate open and caught her charge.

The young woman shook and tried to stand. Elle laid her down her voice full of concern, “Do not worry I will handle this.” she spoke as she stepped over her charge her body seeming to rejoice in the coming fight.

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As her head turned around the familiar voice spoke to her. “Step away from her Elle.”

Elle’s head snapped quickly around. The snarl came from her lips as her body began to change. “You…” her voice dripped with venom as her eyes alight on HIM. His clothing of black, his grey eyes, his hair of grey and black.

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She shot forward sinuously, her body changing and her roar shook the temple. Her claws smashed the ground and splintered the rocks and she turned after him quickly for he was also as fast as she was.


However she kept herself between HIM and Lissa. She would die first and she roared again and her claws swept out and the battle was on.

Deladios sighed yet knew some fear from this dragon. She was probably one or two of all her people he could not control. She was trained and given some immunity by her charge. As her roar echoed in his ear and his body moved impossibly fast to avoid her rush, he tried anyway, reaching out with his mind to hit nothing.

He grunted in disgust. “If I could only calm her down.” came his thought as he stood from his roll away from her.

All about inhabitants and visitors ran for their lives as the aura of an angry dragon seemed to flash across the area.

Wonderful. Bloody hells fecking wonderful. She is going to kill me for blowing this bit.” he thought as again he dodged Elle’s rush but just barely as her claws ripped through his clothing and the scream and ping of even his adamantine chain links popping gave him pause.

By the hells…” he stepped back a few steps and his hand went to the rift in his armor that was under his clothes. “She should not be able to do that.”

He looked at her and the great eyes seemed more then any he had faced before and controlled then beaten. The depths in them. He watched as she lifted a claw to her eyes and saw the bits of the blue tinged chain in her eyes then looked at him as her claws shook and it tinkled and tingled then hit the ground.

She rushed at him and he gauged his next dodge and tried to yell to her. “Elle! Calm down please! I…” he did not get to finish as she rushed she changed her form back to a human type though still with her scales and tail and as he dodged for the huge dragon he was caught off guard and the tail caught him and slammed him to the ground.

Yet even as her claws came down her grabbed her foot and with a great heave tossed her away and as they flew he unwrapped himself from her tail and landed in time to dodge the blows from her impossible recovery.

Elle…” her claw caught him across the face ripping a great gouge in his flesh and his fist came up and struck her below her ribs knocking her back.

She snarled and went to come at him again. Her face contorted and her arm went back grasping. Her eyes rolled and she flopped to the ground with a sickening thud and all around rumbled.

His eyes widened. “By the Nine…no!” He saw Alissa there the small inconsequential looking dagger in her hand the discolored blade the small distorted grin of triumph on her face.

The young Alissa looked at him as he rushed forward and smiled. She shook her head and an evil tinkling laugh escaped her lips. “Tch! Tch! Seems she would not listen to reason, eh?” she waved at him and turned to go even as he stopped at Elle’s fallen form.

She lived but for how long? His eyes seemed to darken and a low growl escaped his lips. The young woman turned back. “Now dear, dear Deladios, you use deception all the time. You should be proud of this achieve….”


The young woman’s face contorted as a fist smashed into her mouth blood and teeth flying from it even as she went several meters away.

The growling voice he had heard so many times before spat. “Worthless cunt. I think I will have to come visit you again.” The crunch of boots so heavy and the stone quivering so as not to crack sounded.

Get my guardian to the Healers.” It was her voice. He looked back to her and the brilliant green eyes looked at him briefly. “If she dies you are responsible.” With that she turned and walked toward her daughter. He knew she meant it and would hunt him until the universe ended.

As he hefted Elle upon his shoulder he saw the twin go by the long blonde hair flowing. Her aura making him wince. She turned quickly and made some motions. “I have slowed it but you must hurry.” she turned away quickly chasing after her sister.

Alissa cracked her knuckles and her neck as she advanced on her daughter. “You should be dead. I take it your grandmother helped in your escape to use you yet again.”

The young woman set back on her hands then brought one up and wiped her mouth and stared at the blood. She grinned as she pushed herself up and stood and for a second wavered. The look in her green eyes just as feral as those approaching her.

Why hello mother. We did not expect this.” she curtsied. “The Crown Princess accedes to the Empress.”

As her head came up from the curtsey the foot caught the side of her face and she spun about as she felt her body seem to float then she smacked into the stone hearing a crunch as everything went black.

Alissa stood, dropping her daughter’s head from her hand like she would drop a sack of refuse. Her foot came and with a small grunt, flipped her daughter’s form over. She looked down at the mask of blood on the face she once loved more then her own life. The look on her face a mask of anguish and anger.

She turned and spat then looked back with contempt on her daughter. “You should have stayed dead Rhianna.” Alissa turned and shoved past her sister, her hand coming out and grabbing her arm roughly. “Come along Nartia, leave the trash to the guards.”

Nartia looked back at the young woman who she never met, her niece, and pulled free from her sister. Alissa spun around and looked at her. “She is your daughter!” Nartia screamed at her in their mother tongue which none here knew, her arm motioning toward the inert form. “You can feel it she is dying!”

Alissa stepped to her sister her eyes full of fire and her voice dripping venom answering in the same tongue her arm pointing to her daughter. “That maybe her body yet my daughter is dead.” Alissa’s hands came up and pushed against her sister’s chest pushing her back a step.

Alissa held her hands up to Nartia. “You saw it! So did grandmother!” she screamed at her golden twin tears rolling down her face. “With these hands I killed her! With these hands I refused to heal her because she was mother’s tool!”

She turned her head slowly back and forth with anger. “I owe you my life many times over sister. However you heal her, by Sif’s golden braids I will fight you, I will kill you and I will cry for eternity.”

Her body heaved in rage and pain looking at Nartia. “Let the guards have her. Let them try to save her. Yet I want her body in peace as her soul should be soon.” her body seemed to sag as she turned and looked away. “Please sister, I beg you.”

With those words soft and heart broken, she began to walk away back to the gardens.


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