The Lament of the Dancers and Warders – Cartel’s Vows

“Where have we gone my friends?
In solitude we travel,
Alone we face the wrath,
Lost we face the darkness.”

“Chosen are we,
Since the mother first gazed upon the world.
The first she smiled upon,
And they then smiled upon others.”

“Against the darkness we have stood,
Silent, watching and ready.
Ever shall it be the motes of light,
And the mountains of darkness.”

“All shall have their light,
to help stave off the dark.
Only if the light is forsaken,
Shall it not burn.”

“We are as the rising of her,
Spread across the face of the world.
All lands have us,
Yet many know it not.”

“I have no family,
No parents, cousins or home.
I have but the Dancers and Warders,
My brothers and sisters,
Until I pass the guarded gates of the sky.”

“As I turn away,
And you see me no more.
Do not weep for me,
Do not fear for me,
For I am not alone truly.
For she is with me,
As are they who were, are and ever shall be.”

“Warders of the world,
Warders of the laws.
Guardians we are of the people.”

“Goodbye my father,
Harden thy heart for good.
Goodbye my mother,
Weep not for one who no longer is.”
“I rejoice in this,
My life my duty!
Ever shall I wander,
To live from the kindness,
Of those whom I give comfort.”

“From those whom,
I aid against famine,
War and sickness.
For I am not alone,
She and they are with me always.”

“Darkness has burned away,
Motes who once lit the way.
Deep and unlit are the swamps,
Of forsaken darkness. “

“All had heard it,
All had felt it and knew.
All in darkness,
Had flickered and died.”

“Ashenhills, Mounts of Warding,
By the sea we came.
And the ancient words we spoke.”

“We have gone where no angel has gone,
Where none have been because of despair.
In the darkness the world cried out,
And we have walked where angels fear to tread.”


About alissa63wind

An avid roleplayer since 1973 of many types of games.
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