Drow Holy/Unholy water and its effects…

The Pantheon of the Dark Elves

As their origin is divine, Drow Holy/Unholy waters are immune to the normal rules regarding Drow items on the surface world. The waters of Deities other than Elistraee will still lose their powers, but only after a full year away from the Underdark.

These special powers are usable by any character unless a special class restriction or other limiting factor is noted. All Holy waters do 2d4 damage to Undead, and Unholy waters heal 2d4 points of damage when used on an Undead creature. No holy water is barred from anyone, but a priest would have severe reservations about using the waters of a radically opposed faith.


Holy water created in the name of the only good-aligned Drow Goddess is harmful to those the evil Drow hold most dear: The Matron Mothers. Any Matron touched by even a drop of this water must save versus poison at -4 or be struck with a disease identical in effects to Mummy Rot. Spiders and High Priestesses of Lolth that are not Matrons suffer 2d4 damage, just like undead, when struck by a vial of this Holy water. Usable by Anyone.


This unholy water will heal Oozes, Slimes, Jellies, and Molds, just like undead. Usable by any Drow Elf.


Unholy water of the Lady of the Dead not only heals the undead of 3d4 damage (instead of the normal 2d4), but also grants them an extra Hit Dice (For purposes of determining turning only). The undead gain no extra hit points or abilities, and can be commanded normally. Usable by anyone.


This unholy water is a deadly poison to any drow who is not in Lolth’s favor at the current moment. Any such victim suffers 1d4 damage on impact and 2d4 more the next round. The Unholy water inflicts 1d6 damage on any surface elf. Usable by any Drow in Lolth’s Favor.


Grants a +1/+10% bonus to any one die roll or check within 24 hours of consuming this unholy water. Usable by any Drow Warrior or Priest.


Negates penalties suffered by Drow in sunlight for 24 hours. To use this, the eyes must be washed with it. This has the unfortunate side effect of reducing infravison to a 60-foot range. Usable by any Drow Male.


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