The Journey Penitent

Here we will find the log of the journey across the face of Faerun and Kara Tur.


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  1. alissa63wind says:

    Day 1

    I will write this log in several scripts yet the base language will be common and drow. So those who may find this is I am finally taken from this task to a new one can read of my folly and maybe escape my fate.
    All preparations were done and Idee and the others have gone where no matter the outcome, the place of my true home to await me, one way or the other. What with the spellplague still in pockets across the world, still it has not touched there. Perhaps because the ley lines were cut so long ago.
    I stood and looked back at this, the ancient holdings of Valsharen Cartel Val’Hune, First daughter of Hune of the imperial house of Ilythiir and know that this journey is more for her then it is for me and she will be the one doing most of the authoring of this log. ~ Lissa

    I have spent the last moon, every night and day with the druids here in Amtar Forest. Ensuring they are true still and that they know the Maiden’s Folk will help them even while I am gone. We spent one night a fortnight ago with Ortinus an dhis young disciple Dorbay riding their portion of Amtar of a sleeping beast. I had not seen such before yet Alissa spoke that it was something she had killed centuries and centuries ago and thought she had found and slain them all, she called it an Endless Eater. It would eat and eat all it came across no matter it wood, stone, living or dead until it was gorged and would once again sleep. With her guidance we found its weak area and killed it while it slept. She had said such would be its fury if woken it would take far more then us and the druids to slay it.

    Also I have begun to train my autna in the proper way to be a dancer and child of our house. If she only knew she was adopted by the last member of the once powerful and now disgraced imperial house of Hune. She chafes to fight, yet she needs to learn basics, beginnings and know the words of the maiden. She needs to be taught Honor and what is right is not always what others think or perceive. That even one’s version of honor is not the same as another.

    Luuna, now she made me cry with her gift last night and it will always be about our neck along with all the others that are important. It is special and even now as I write this I finger the little hearts from the golden chain and begin to gently begin their enchantments. She is my daughter and all of us are proud of her and all miss her terribly.

    This journey also begins with our daughter Elvandril, still sick and in the hospital of the temple. No healing we have done, magical or natural. Mental or otherwise has worked. And when we asked the eternal queen what we must do she was silent. Even her sister herein could do nothing. Yet she who I am named for refused to answer and has been silent. We are proud of this daughter also and her struggle is great and she brings us much happiness that she is not giving up. We miss her smiles and walks with us and we pray that she will return to health.

    Now our daughter Pipper, she seems to have changed some yet she still goes to the border of confrontation at times. Love her we do yet the bindings the eternal queen and our mate have put upon this body limit any harm or reaction we can do. She does need to learn her place, that there are always those who are better, whether it be an orc, a human or her own ancient parents.

    We are disheartened our kyorli are not to follow along on this path as they have their respective duties also. This bodes ill for the end of the journey, however it is not something that is to be worried of now.

    Tonight though I look upon my darkened home, looking as fresh as the days the others all about were destroyed so many thousands of years ago, and watch as the enchanted forest grows around it and by the time the maiden is high it will seem as if it was never there.

    I dance in the open under her gaze tonight, and perhaps the lustful gaze of young Dorbay who seems taken with our beauty, and set out as I am instructed. In the light of day she said, walk as you are upon all the holy places you can find. Clear them, sanctify them and carry on to the next. Pay particular attention to the one about Myth Drannor, for there I want the church to spring anew.

    So a long walk I have. Tomorrow I will travel into the Shaar then eventually turn and go to the Daleleands.

    May she grant you all safe travels and restful slumber.

    Valsharen Cartel Val’Hune

    Usstan orn plynnil nindol log wun blynol scripts quin l’zig xanalress orn tlu rivvin lu’ilythiiri. Ji nindyn vel’uss xal ragar nindol zhah Usstan tlun finally plynnet dal nindol fuu’ux ulu natha sel uss shlu’ta phord d’ussta folly lu’mayoe ssuth ussta ap’za. Jal preparations zhahen xunor lu’Idee lu’l’byrren inbal alus vel’klar nau selg’tarn l’outcome, l’k’lar d’ussta seke delmah ulu n’kyorl uns’aa, uss i’dol xor l’byr. Vel’bol xuil l’spellplague k’jakr wun Yamwety naudal l’tresk’ri, k’jakr ol uriu naut touched gaer. Xal p’wal l’ley lines zhahen harventh ji verve ago. Usstan stood lu’loril rath a nindol, l’ze’zhuanth kostithen d’Valsharen Cartel Val’Hune, Ust dalharil d’Hune d’l’valsharen qu’ellar d’Ilythiir lu’zhaun nindel nindol z’hind zhah mzild whol ilta t’yin ol zhah whol uns’aa lu’il orn tlu l’uss xundus mzilst d’l’authoring d’nindol log. ~ Lissa

    Usstan inbal maunus l’vaen drathir, ril isto lu’tangi xuil l’druids ghil wun Amtar Taur. Ensuring nind ph’seke k’jakr lu’nindel nind zhaun l’Wenress’ Fer’iss orn xxizz mina tangis’rena Usstan tlun alus. Udos maunus uss isto natha fortnight ago xuil Ortinus biu dhis waelin disciple Dorbay riding nind portion d’Amtar d’natha v’drin fuer’yon. Usstan inbalus naut keffal folt p’los quin Alissa Kirn’nindel ol zhahus folbol il inbalus elggen centuries lu’centuries ago lu’ssiggrin il inbalus muth lu’elggus mina jal, il ul’kas ol biu Endless Caluss. Ol orn’la cal lu’cal jal ol doerrus naudal nau selg’tarn ol lorulm, khaliizi, tupora xor elghinyrr hwuen ol zhahus gorged lu’orn’la h’uena ‘sohna v’dri. Xuil ilta mriggan udos muth olt yibin rek’larst lu’elggen ol rena ol slept. Il inbalus telanthus folt orn’la tlu olt avuna ka woken ol orn’la plynn feir mzild t’yin udossa lu’l’druids ulu elgg ol.

    Mziln Usstan inbal tlusher ulu plu’dak ussta autna wun l’listra i’dol ulu tlu natha an’ar lu’dalhar d’udossta qu’ellar. Ka il er’griff zhaunau il zhahus adopted a l’vaen usulii d’l’h’uena yornurn lu’nin disgraced valsharen qu’ellar d’Hune. Il t’nee ulu malar, quin il ssrig’luinen ulu screa basics, beginnings lu’zhaun l’wiles d’l’wenress. Il ssrig’luinen ulu tlu keer Bel’la lu’vel’bol zhah ditronw zhah naut zuch vel’bol byrren talinth xor myall’ak. Nindel tangis’uss’ version d’bel’la zhah naut l’toha ‘zil jalbyr.

    Luuna, nin il morfel uns’aa ul’nusst xuil ilta belbol vaen isto lu’ol orn zuch tlu bauth udossta plica reztorm xuil jal l’byrren nindel ph’kleel. Ol zhah special lu’tangis’nin ‘zil Usstan plynnil nindol Usstan vress’ol l’lotha rarr dal l’plak’la’la sluda lu’kre’j ulu dosmane kre’j nind enchantments. Il zhah ussta dalharil lu’jal d’udossa ph’vhaid d’ilta lu’jal lle’warin ilta terribly.

    Nindol z’hind mziln begins xuil udossta dalharil Elvandril, k’jakr s’ck lu’wun l’hospital d’l’yath. Nau o’gothin udos inbal xunor, faerl xor z’arlathil. Mental xor otherwise uriu xunduus. Lu’vel’drav udos aske’th l’oirna valsharess vel’bol udos z’klaen xun il zhahus venorik. Tangis’ilta dalninil herein gumash xun naubol. Quin il vel’uss Usstan tlun kaasus whol nauxahuus ulu an’yui lu’uriu tlus venorik. Udos ph’vhaid d’nindol dalharil mziln lu’ilta laellmor zhah zhennu lu’il silara udossa mzilt loff’tarien nindel il zhah naut belbaun phor. Udos lle’warin ilta ialyse lu’z’hine xuil udossa lu’udos ortelanth nindel il orn yutsu ulu afya.

    Nin udossta dalharil Pipper, il kluthak ulu inbal changed fol quin il k’jakr gos ulu l’border d’qua’laelay a draevalen. Ssinssrigg ilta udos xun quin l’valbynae l’oirna valsharess lu’udossta m’ranndii inbal skrel pholor nindol khel fle’nruid jala jivviim xor reaction udos shlu’ta xun. Il ‘udtila ssrig’luin ulu screa ilta k’lar, nindel gaer ph’zuch nindyn vel’uss ph’alur, maunq’a ol tlu biu cretok, natha rivvil xor ilta ehmtu ze’zhuanth xinanath.

    Udos ph’disheartened udossta kyorli ph’naut ulu flohlu reztorm pholor nindol menvis ‘zil nind inbal nind respective duties mziln. Nindol bodes ill whol l’xuz d’l’z’hind, rilu’oh ol zhah naut folbol nindel zhah ulu tlu ezsakil d’nin.

    Maristo d’elezz Usstan lor pholor ussta yalmir delmah, lorith ‘zil xondyerna ‘zil l’tangin l’byrren jal bauth zhahen elggat ji mzil thousands d’drasven ago, lu’kyorl ‘zil l’beksehus taur grows bauth ol lu’a l’draeval l’wenress zhah obok ol orn kluth ‘zil ka ol zhahus neitar gaer.

    Usstan alure wun l’pahntar harl ilta l’inya maristo, lu’xal l’lustful l’inya d’waelin Dorbay vel’uss kluthak plynnet xuil udossta ssin, lu’sei’lor doeb ‘zil Usstan tlun deiveus. Wun l’ssussun d’tangi il telanthus, z’hin ‘zil dos ph’pholor jal l’orthae places dos shlu’ta ragar. Kyo’feir mina, sanctify mina lu’dr’kluth pholor ulu l’huthin. Yaith particular ptau’al ulu l’uss bauth Erhz Drannor, whol gaer Usstan ssinssrin l’church ulu falann anew. Ji natha verve z’hin Usstan inbal. Mufo Usstan orn helothannin wund l’Shaar t’yin eventually shar’tleg lu’alu ulu l’Daleleands.

    Xal il balbau dos jal sreen’aur helothannine lu’restful haraess.

    • alissa63wind says:

      Day 2

      As I walked this day toward the northeast from Amtar Forest, I felt my heartbreaking. For where all this Shaar Desolation is, once was verdant grasslands, which before were the forests of my people long ago.

      It had taken so long for even the grasslands of the Shaar to regrow from the magics and wars that caused the descent of our people into the Underdark. I have seen this in the memories of the others the once beautiful grasslands and only in my memory are the once dense and beautiful forests.

      All I have seen this day were small animals, mice and other small rodents, trying to pick some small living from this seeming wasteland. Once far in the distance I saw some humans and several horses with them. Yet as they got within their eyesight of me, they quickly moved away, I could not have been more then a spot to them at that distance.

      Tomorrow, if I have read the map right, I should be at the western most portion of the Underchasm, the Great Rift made bigger when the spellplague fell upon the land.

      It is easy to feel it, the spellplague, it is a great nothing feeling, almost akin to the feeling we get from undead, yet also with it is a great chaotic noise, I would almost say emotion. Yet its power is quite profound, from all the visible scars I see upon the land.

      Last night she watched me from above, did the Maiden, and it would seem as if Lissa was right, that this journey is more for me and she has let me be for now.

      It is amusing to me, that I am thought of as evil when I am perhaps out of us all, the more mortal. Of all here I think the one my parents named me for is beyond comprehension, to us all.

      I have made camp for the night, I walked faster then I had thought my mind awash in thoughts from long ago, as if I am retracing my footsteps from the Wars.

      A few hundred feet away is the Underchasm, in in depths I see some movement and the occasional torch. Yet I am not worried. If something malevolent comes to me it will be something I have looked forward to for centuries.

      And as I sat here and chewed on my bread I looked at the landscape, the far off hills and it was as if I stepped back to the days of the Wars. For it was if not in this very spot, close by, that I remember climbing to the tops of the greats trees, beyond the dwellings, into the light of the sun from beneath the leaves. And as far as I could see there were trees, except upon the hilltops. And I see those hills now from top to bottom in the distance, bare, denuded, seemingly lifeless.

      From the length and breadth of this Underchasm, it would seem I will have to head east to be around it, then north again, if I am to reach Innarlith by tomorrow evening.

      (music for the evening )

      • alissa63wind says:

        Day 3

        I had hoped to be beyond the share and north past Innarith this day. Yet the true scope of what the spellplague has done has forced me to correct the map. Where the Shaar river once was is now just a dry wash. Wide and deep yet it is gone and no wonder all about is dry and withering.

        As I crested the hills just to the west of Innarith, my heart sank for the once vibrant city is in ruin, and my hope for a bed to rest upon and food other then what I brought with me is shattered.

        The woods are bare and uprooted and the plain littered with the refuse of some catastrophe. The smoke from many small fires came from outside and inside the city. Hovels and ramshackle homes strewn all about the city, which itself looked to be a heap of tossed stones with sticks jutting from it.

        I sat hidden amongst the rocks of the hills watching and pondering my choices. I could go below now in daylight. I would assuredly be attacked or tossed out or the blame put upon me. Such though would be a test of faith and I should shirk it not.

        Or I could go in the darkness. See who what and where my help could be needed and come again in the daylight of the new day.

        Long I sat and thought upon these two basic questions. And as I did so I watched all below me and my heart cried for them all. For many races I saw there in hurt and anguish.

        Finally I stood, it was well after the sun’s zenith and I slowly made my way downward to the remains of the stone paved road that lead off toward the ruins.

        I strode slowly and as I went I made sure my weapons were secured and not easily drawn. And defensive spells set ready for but the final word and gesture. My mind focused for it would be quicker then any to defend me.

        As I got closer the first who saw me were children running around playing with their pet dog, outside of a wooden structure that calling it a dwelling would be truly an overstatement. All of them stopped and looked at me, even their dog.

        I stopped and squatted to my knees to be closer to their height and smiled. “Can you tell me what happened here?” I motioned all about with my hands.

        They seemed unsure of what to make of me for a moment then when their dog came over and sniffed at me then licked the hand I put out to pet it, it seemed the signal for them to come round.

        The male child, the oldest of them I would say maybe 10 or 12 summers, began to describe the best he could the horrors the spellplague brought upon the area. Even as I listened to him intently, I would stop and smile and answer the obvious questions from the other children about me. ‘Lady are you an elf? You have pointy ears.” “Why are you so brown elves are not so dark?” “Wow why do you have a sword and daggers? Are you a warrior?” “Your wearing silk are you a noble elf?” “Are you married and do you ride unicorns?” “The boys are silly your not an elf, your an angel we can see your wings.”

        I smiled and answered all I could as quickly as I could and began to speak with them and see how they felt and how they seemed to be dealing with all that had happened to them. I found not all of them were related only a few and that the couple in the ramshackle dwelling actually had taken care of most of them since their parents had done their last dance.

        It was then I heard the voices coming and one male voice rose above the others. The twang in his common quite apparent. “ ‘Ay! Get way from them chilluns you! We have no need of your kind bringing more problems.”

        As I stood I shooed the children away. ‘Go get back inside.” And of course they made the protestations of why and I just gave them the eye and shooed them away.

        Even as the group of six male humans came closer I knelt down and placed my hands on the road. My common slow and unstilting, “I am Valsharen Cartel Val’Hune. I mean no harm. I am a priestess of the Maiden who says I must protect and aid all. I have come to help.” With that I watched them as they approached.

        I was surrounded, they seemed nervous because I did not bow as if I was surrendering. I knelt tall and straight.

        One went to pick up the blessed weapons and I placed my hand upon them speaking, “These are not to be trifled with. They are blessed by the Maiden and may cause you harm if any bring them forth but I.”

        Even as those words stopped the boot of ne behind me went into the small of my back. I stayed erect and gritted my teeth. “Witch your kind came from the wrath of the spell plague and helped our destruction even more by stealing our food and murdering those who resisted.”

        Even as I was feeling blows come from their pent up frustration I could hear the children screaming at the men to stop. I could see in my hazy sight a crowd begin to gather and children sprinting off down the road.

        I did not bend, I did not cry out. I took each blow with silence. Each one a blow against my people who were not yet saved, who were still living as nightmarish legends to these people.

        I have no idea how long this happened. I do know I pulled my weapons under my knees and this made things more unpleasant. I know my eyes swelled to where I could not see. Yet even after blows to the head I heard several male voices yelling for them to stop. I heard people being shoved and falling over. The creaking of leather armor came next and the soft muttered words, “Pelor’s rays! What have they done?”

        I felt some one kneel by me, the odor of smoke upon them, the smell of wounds and the sound of weariness came from them and their body.

        “Lady?” I felt a hand on my shoulder and another under my chin lifting my face which had dropped some after the beating had stopped. “Lady…can you hear me?” I nodded my head as I heard a sharp intake of breath and the person rose as another stooped next to me and whispered, “Can you walk Lady?” and tried to rise with me my hands though fumbling for my weapons even as I heard the first voice crying out in anger. “What have you done?! Do you not see the moon upon her head? Or upon her breast? Do you not see the symbols? Do you not see her harp there in her pack you have opened and destroyed?”

        Hearing that my heart skipped a beat for I knew this voice I knew the tone yet it was older, more bass and authoritative. I stopped the one holding me and began to place my weapons about my hips again and slung my daggers over my arm to my shoulder. “My pack…please.” Croaked from my mouth and I felt a tooth slip against my tongue and turned away and pulled it from my mouth, even as I heard the familiar voice continue.

        “You have mauled a priestess of a goddess who helps all people! This woman and her people feed, protect and aid all that are in need! Are you all that terrified of anything to forget common courtesy? To forget the ones that harm us are out at night? And this woman is here beneath the light of Pelor and nothing is wrong with her?”

        I stood as straight as I could before my words came, slurred and almost, well to my ears, unintelligible, “Jadmund, acolyte of Pelor who helped me slay a vampire many years ago?”

        The angry voice stopped and I could imagine him turning to look upon me. “It can not be.” I heard feet shuffle and felt the presence before me, much taller now he was. “Cartel? Is it truly you?”

        I went to speak and nothing came from my lips and just nodded.

        I heard whispered words in Pelorian, a tongue I never learned, between Jadmund and the one holding me up. I then felt the hands holding me leave my side and heard words yelled in Pelorian and I heard the noise of people moving.

        I cocked my head and heard muttering and a child, a female, “Mommy they hurt the angel!” who was quickly hushed.

        “What is happening?” I croaked from my lips as I stood there wavering.

        As my mind could focus again I could begin to count the heartbeats, the closest people the furthest people. Where they were and that they were all… “Jadmund,” I hissed. “What did you tell them to make them all kneel?” He too was kneeling. “That you have walked this land since before the dragons came, that you serve the gods of moon, sun and healing.”

        ‘Will you get up!” I hissed at him. “You know I am not sitting upon a throne again.” I could sense him stand and her turned and spoke to them in their tongue.

        “I need to rest Jadmund, I will heal and help as I can on the morrow.” and I began to walk from my memory toward the ramshackle ruins of the town moving around people I could sense and then began to hear murmuring and hands reaching out gently to touch me.

        “I will castrate him.” I thought I suspect he spoke more then what he told me and such bothered me in this state.

        I remember before passing out to actual healing sleep they placed me a nice soft place…

      • alissa63wind says:

        Days 4-10

        I have not added these days, as I have spent the time in Ilarnith helping provide food, healing, music and my own strength and sweat. I have only had reverie thrice and it was refreshing, as I was always about helping the Pelorian priests and the officials of the city during the day. At night I would visit the families who were missed during the days.

        It surprised many that my people are divided into good and evil also. To many of the humans I was the first drow ever seen, and one far different from the legends and fearful tales told.

        I did have a waking dream once and the others have grown silent, I assume because this is what I have needed.

        Days 11-15

        I walked my way to Shadowdale with an escort of Pelorians and city guard. No matter how I begged off that such was not needed it seemed Jadmund and the nobles of the city would not hear of it.

        So I did not walk were I was drawn, I stayed to the road. No matter how fast I went they would not lag behind and courtesy demanded I accept their watchfulness.

        When a few hours from Shadowdale they finally listened to my entreaty that I needed to proceed alone. I stood and watched them finally disappear over the horizon to the southwest even as the sun dipped behind them. Clutching the sealed scroll the acolyte of Pelor gave me and the sealed leather bag.

        I moved into the trees as darkness fell and summoned the small light of the maiden as I unsealed the leather bag, it was cushioned and looked rather plain. Yet what was inside brought tears to my eyes. Inside was my harp, smashed when I was beaten, beautifully restored. I looked at her strings and body and could find no flaw. Even the insignia was restored. I ran my fingers over her and felt her familiar voice and the wood warm to my touch.

        Gently and reverently I placed her back into the bag which was lined with silk and padding I assumed to be wool or feathers, yet was soft and protective. “Soon Rhi. Soon we will sing.” I spoke to her and sat back against the tree and looked at the scroll and found no spells or wards upon it and split the seal with a nail and turned it sideways to accommodate the way they wrote in Illarnith.

        The wide flourishing writing was not Jadmund’s familiar frenetic script yet I read on pausing to recall some words as this was written in Netherese.

        I found this quite interesting. The Empire of Netheril has been dead for milenia, now some have returned from the Shadow plane I understand and are completely lost to the shadows.

        Also it addressed myself and others. I have translated it here in case something comes ill of this and I ponder what to do.

        May the Magic see you well Qu’essan Valsharen Cartel Val’Hune, Empress Alissa Freewind and the one who is called the Rose.

        I have sent this message through the Church of Pelor, for their High Priest is quite attached and loyal to you Val’Hune. However I am sure you are reading this and trying to comprehend sucha message from something so far back from your youth. However I have never forgotten your skill with words, music, dancing, weapons and magic. As all of your family you were more adept then any of us mere human archmages.

        And now we ask the one who can recall the past and perhaps use that knowledge to preserve the future for Faerun, instead of letting a rotting shadow of what our great empire once was try to cast its net across the world.

        We know that you are more then what you look to be Val’Hune, our magics in that regard are still potent yet we can only find out so much. Yet within you and the others is the ability to cast down the Shadow Empire.

        We know that you are in disgrace in your view, because of your family’s history and the role it played in the Crown Wars. Yet you were the only one of your family not to become corrupted. Val’Hune your long existence is proof of your blood and power and how we remember seeing you, unchanged since that time.

        We ask that you upon your trip, stop and speak with us and hear our entreaties in person. We know that if anything foolish was done we would be destroyed. So please feel at ease.

        If you decide to come, please burn this scroll and it will show you the way.


        As I finished writing these words I heard an almost silent rustle and rolled away my swords out tapping shoulder and thigh and suddenly dropped them as I saw a sister step from behind a tree.

        It is here I will stop as I speak to this young yathril and invite her to the dance tonight.

        (music for this time )

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