An apropos song

Udos ph’l’edonil lu’udos ph’l’d’issan.
Udos ph’l’venorsh vel’drav jal dkinoss zhah alus.
Udos ph’l’ze’zhuanth ussen, udos chathen.
H’uena dos orn’la ortelanth ulu udossa, lar udossa a kaas.

Udosst zhah l’yorn lu’udosst zhah l’xal.
Udosst ph’l’veldrin nindel mechrola l’ssussun
Onhir udossa dhynen, b’luthyrr harl ulu udossta lgos!
L’vlos d’l’angels, ol junissg wun udossta veins.

Gibborim, Annakim, sea’anen d’zhuanth.
Wun wiles d’l’prophets udossta ap’za zhah foretold.
H’uena udos zhahen scattered, wun velkresa, maglust,
Nin udos inbal marshalled ulu reclaim udossta sharorr.


About alissa63wind

An avid roleplayer since 1973 of many types of games.
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One Response to An apropos song

  1. alissa63wind says:

    Song being sung from under the rubble of the Fane of Lolth in Eryndylyn, after the fight between avatars.

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