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Eilistraee’s Dogma

Aid the weak, strong, grateful, and churlish alike. Be always kind, save in battle with evil.

< On Promoting Joy >
Encourage happiness everywhere; lift hearts with kind words, jests, songs, and merriment. Whenever possible, food should be eaten with accompaniment of song. Except for properly sad occasions, a feast should be accompanied by merriment. Promote happiness and gaiety whenever possible.

< On Self-improvement >
Learn how to cook game and how best to hunt it. Learn how to play, make, and repair musical instruments. Learn new songs, dances, and ways with weapons, spices, and recipes, and pass this learning on whenever possible. Practice music and swordwork.

< On Possessions >
Wealth is to be used to buy food, musical instruments, good swords and armor, and other tools to serve the will of the goddess. When on the road feed, aid, and defend the needy along the way with a prayer to the goddess. Lend assistance to those who fight for good, asking as price no more than an object that can be used to the benefit of the goddess’ works.

< On Food >
Where food cannot be purchased or received, it must be gathered or hunted for. Feed yourself by your own gardening and hunting skills as much as possible. Set aside food and give it as often as possible to strangers in need, particularly outcasts and those of other races. In times of plenty, store food for lean times ahead.

< On Strangers >
Strangers are your friends. Any hungry travelers met with, who offer no threats, are to be fed—carry food at all times for this purpose. The homeless must be given shelter from storms, under your own roof if need be. In harsh winters, patrol the lands about to find and take in the lost, the hurt, and those caught in the teeth of cold. Try to convert at least one stranger per moon to the worship of Eilistraee.

< On Conflict >
Defend and aid all folk, promoting harmony between the races. When fighting evil burn the bodies of the evil creatures slain as an offering to the goddess—unless such creatures are edible and non-sentient, and there are hungry folk near. When faithful and allies fall in battle, any priestess present must, if possible, provide burial, a funeral song, and comfort to the bereaved. Repay rudeness with kindness. Repay violence with swift violence, so that the fewest may be hurt and danger fast removed from the land.

< On Drow >
Aid all drow who are in distress. If the drow are in combat the fighting is to be stopped with as little bloodshed as possible. So long as the drow met with are not working evil on others, they are to be aided and given the message of Eilistraee: “A rightful place awaits you in the Realm Above, in the Land of the Great Light. Come in peace and live beneath the sun again, where trees and flowers grow.”

< This is the credo of the Dark Maiden. >


This is copied from and it is there you can find much information on our people, the drow.



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